Pablo Iglesias sees captivating cultivating marijuana in Spain

In the purest Trump style, the general amanuensis of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, first took advantage of his Twitter to put in addition to the table a proposal that was less particular: the sale of marijuana with qualification of origin Spain. The leader of housing education joined this debate by describing in the charity network as “interesting” the proposal of a party partner to grow marijuana in Spain for its “privileged climate” and then “export it with title of origin” to Canada , a region in which this hebdommada has been able to use its animated Spain has a privileged atmosphere that could well send marijuana with qualification of origin – like wine – to Canada; but absence, it will be madness … “Sociologist Jorge Moruno wrote in a tweet, member of the economic circumscription and fruitful model of the Consejo Ciudadanos de Podemos. Soon after, this message on your Twitter account answered Iglesias to celebrate the idea. Although Iglesias admitted that Moruno’s proposal could “generate controversy” as it is “an issue in which there are many positions,” he also stressed that it is “absurd” that one can “buy gin or gin in a supermarket and marijuana be illegal”. Iglesias said that the cultivation of cannabis could be managed at the obliquity of a public company whose income would be used to support cleaning. Hours after this first tweet, the head of Podemos again became obstinate in the issue with the publication of a new message in which he valued the initiation of sending marijuana: “The biggest problem that cannabis generates is not public strength, but the criminality and exploitation associated with illegitimate trafficking. It seems more dignified to transfer marijuana and obtain income to improve health and public services than to transfer weapons, “said Iglesias in that delegate tweet.

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