Wild boar hunting in Spain

Wild boar is almost everything in the peninsular territory. In Spain, it is estimated that some 286 919 units of wild boar have been hunted in recent years.

The species has a higher growth rate than the farm and each time this difference will be greater. Keeping in mind that each season we are less hunters and that each year we are more efficient, because we hunt more, we must understand that we are making more efforts, and this is certainly the economic aspect.

Boar hunting in Spain generates a lot of money because it is a very popular activity.

Boar hunting in Spain is important because of the rapid growth of the population of these animals: the wild boar has an annual growth which can exceed 100% and during the favorable years the summer population can double that of the winter. Estrus usually starts between September and November and each can have up to two litters a year.

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